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I am aware a lot of the games have been blocked. Ajh Fun 3 is coming out soon

Announcing the end of Ajh Fun 2

Hey everyone, Aidan here. This is going to be more of a formal announcement than usual.
I will no longer be updating Ajh Fun 2 starting 1 May for the release of Ajh Fun 3. Of course, this site will still be maintatined, but there will be no new games.
Ajh Fun 3 will release Sunday.
Now, the reason why I'm not just updating Ajh Fun 2 is because it runs slow. Very slow. The file system is very large because I'm using a framework for Python called Django. Eventually, it became really un-efficient (is that even a word) for me to code this site. Also, lots of the games are blocked. So in Ajh Fun 3, all games will be built in, with mobile support for most, and the site itself. The UI will be way cleaner and better. So thank you to everyone who signed up for this site. I could never imagine 500, letalone a thousand users.
Thanks for playing, and I'll see you in the next site.

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