Hey, I'm Aidan, or Ajh. I'm the developer and founder of Ajh Fun 2.

I'm 13, and in 7th grade.

You can learn a lot more about me here.

But what is Ajh Fun 2?

Ajh Fun 2 is not your generic game, app and proxy site.
With no invasive ads, well-known game titles, stable proxies, popular apps, a clean UI, game reviews integrated, a chatroom, this is your go-to site to bypass internet censorship.

Ajh Fun 2 is also a very transparent site. I don't hide anything to keep a positive rep. The site is open-source.

But what I do hide is my users' data. I take user privacy very seriously as seen in the privacy policy.

So hey. Games, proxies, apps, all while keeping you safe from both your teachers and hackers? Sounds great.


Q: Can I join the developer team?

A: It would cause problems than solutions. So... no. This project wouldn't even need a team anyway to be honest.


A: I try to add as much as my community requests, but if you beg me then that'll make me move on to someone that's more patient.

Q: How are you making this?

A: I use Replit for hosting, Django for the framework, and I code this in Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The site also uses JSON, Markdown, TXT, and the SQLite database.
I don't have the widest range of coding knowledge but I am a pretty intermediate web developer (in comparison to people who code professionally)

Q: How long did it take you to develop the site?

There really isn't a specific time block I was able to complete it in. Ajh Fun 2 is always being worked on on a daily basis so I can't really say when this is "finished".

Q: Is Ajh Fun 2 open-source?

A: Yes, and it always will be.

Q: Omg aidan you made this??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I did

Q: Can I fork Ajh Fun 2?

A: Uh... of course you can, but it will get outdated very quickly -- just like all repositories, inevitably.

Q: What's an interesting fact about your site?

A: My crush uses it 0_0

Q: If you're a kid then when do you work on this

A: In school because I like to touch grass when I'm home